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Mulberry Kitchen Design Blog

Here is a selection of some of our previous jobs, some of our products, and tips in your kitchen.


Glass Splashbacks

A splashback is necessary in your kitchen; it helps protect the wall and helps prevent staining from cooking, cleaning or steam. However, with glass splashbacks, this protective shield can also become a work of art in your kitchen, helping to brighten the space and add some colour and fun.


A Whole New Kitchen

Scott and Lisa Dreaver were ready for a new family kitchen for themselves and their two children. Based in Glasgow, they were looking for a bright and airy kitchen that would enable them to make full use of their space.


Making The Change To A Induction Hob

When it comes to choosing a new hob for your new kitchen, you may be curious about the benefits of induction hobs. They are quick, safe and efficient, and are fast becoming a popular choice in new kitchens.


Getting It Right

Mulberry Kitchen Design never makes false promises or claims that we can’t keep. Our commitment to excellence is genuine, and our promises and claims to our customers are always followed through. Due to this, we ensure that we uphold the highest possible standards, and never leave you with additional costs or shortcomings.