Glass Splashbacks - A Great Alternative to Tiles


The Attractive Option


Glass has long held appeal in the home. Its shiny, gleaming and sleek surface makes it the perfect home accessory. It is therefore no surprise that glass splashbacks are so popular right now. They make a great alternative to tiles, come in a wide range of shades and can be wiped clean easily. Also, with no porous grout to worry about, you can be sure food stains won't stick to areas you need to keep clean.


Any Colour You Like


The great thing about glass splashbacks is that they can be coloured any way you like.  Made to measure and painted on the reverse with the colour of your choice, your glass splashbacks will be truly one of a kind and can be coloured to match or coordinate with any paint, tile or wallpaper colour you plan to use across the rest of your kitchen.


The Versatile Choice


One thing you will notice once your glass splashbacks are installed is the way they catch and reflect light. This can make smaller kitchens appear bigger and can create some stunning effects in larger kitchens. They are also extremely easy to clean, requiring a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. Whether you are looking to have your walls covered with glass or you just need glass splashbacks for wet areas, the choice is yours. Your glass splashbacks will be made to measure, coloured to suit your requirements and fitted with precision.


Add A Touch Of Glass To Your Kitchen


From vibrant reds to muted creams, glass splashbacks offer so many possibilities when it comes to styling your kitchen. They look equally at home in contemporary settings as they do traditional kitchens and offer a great base to work from if you are stuck on ideas for the rest of your kitchen.


You can also choose to have accessories cut in glass that will coordinate with your glass splashbacks or wall coverings. For example, why not opt for glass shelves or window cills to complete the look? The possibilities are endless when you choose glass for your kitchen. To find out more about glass splashbacks and their many uses around the kitchen and the rest of the home, speak to our friendly team today.