Glass Splashbacks

A splashback is necessary in your kitchen; it helps protect the wall and helps prevent staining from cooking, cleaning or steam. However, with glass splashbacks, this protective shield can also become a work of art in your kitchen, helping to brighten the space and add some colour and fun.

 You can choose from vibrant colours and contemporary styles to luxurious or traditional looks – the choice is yours. With a whole host of colours and designs to choose from, a glass splashback can make a surprising difference in your home.

 Stylish, modern and practical, glass splashbacks can be as entertaining or subdued as you want them to be. They can add a wonderful splash of colour in a monochrome kitchen, or clear glass can allow beautiful tiling or paintwork to remain visible while staying protected. Made from toughened glass, glass splashbacks are suitable for use behind a cooker, induction or gas hob, and they can be easily cut to any shape or size, making them perfect for awkward corners or for spaces that need cut outs for electrical sockets or light switches.

 Glossy and shiny, you can make a statement by having your glass splashback take over the full length of your kitchen wall, or create a sudden burst of colour by centring your splashback over your hob only.

 No matter what kind of kitchen you have, a glass splashback immediately adds a sense of style and sophistication to your kitchen, and it is a wonderful contemporary alternative to tiles, as tile grout often traps dirt or mould all too easily when over a cooking surface. As well as this, the tile grout can be quite difficult to clean. On the other hand, glass splashbacks are incredibly easy to clean, and as there is no grouting they are a smooth and hygienic surface that is easy to maintain and stays looking good for longer.

 Aside from the wonderful varieties in colour and print available, glass splashbacks also allow you to go that one step further and personalise them to your taste with an image of your choice. Simply choose an image you would like and it can be digitally printed onto your glass splashback, giving you a unique and beautiful focal point for your kitchen.

 The possibilities offered by glass splashbacks are endless, and they are an easy way of injecting some fun and life into your kitchen with minimal effort. Their low maintenance makes them ideal for busy families, and the ability to personalise them means that you can truly make your kitchen your own. If you are interested in getting a glass splashback as part of your new kitchen, let Mulberry Kitchen Design know and we’ll see what we can do for you.