Storage solutions for your kitchen

With the kitchen at the heart of the home and serving many purposes in day-to-day living, it is a room where families store many different things they will need. Not only is there the need for storage for the various types of food, it is also necessary to find somewhere to keep kitchen essentials, cleaning products and kitchen gadgets. If you are planning on having a new kitchen fitted, then storage is an issue that you should keep at the forefront of your mind. 


The design stage is the first point when you will need to take storage into consideration. If you are using a professional to design your kitchen, such as Mulberry Kitchen Design, then talk through the needs of your family with them. It is important to outline how you use the kitchen, what you plan to keep their and your family's daily habits. This will help the kitchen designer to understand what will work well for you and make suggestions for the best layout, units and accessories to meet your storage needs.


Making the best use of the space available is another important element of making sure your kitchen has all the storage you need. Even if your kitchen is an irregular shape, all the space can be used if you plan the kitchen carefully. Don't just think about the floor space; consider where you can you wall units or shelving to make effective use of the space at a higher level. This will give you additional areas to keep everything you need to hand. Floor-to-ceiling units are a great choice as no wall space is wasted.


It is not just your choice of units that will affect the amount of storage space you have available. It is how you plan the units and your choice of additional features inside drawers or cupboards that will make a big difference in ensuring you have sufficient storage available. There is often unused space in cupboards that store tinned and dried products as the shelves are often set at a height that leaves space above the food. Opting for an additional shelf or including a basket hanging from the interior of the unit are just two simple solutions to this issue.


Similarly, there are lots of additional organisational features that you can opt for when designing your kitchen that will make life a lot easier. Door racks, shelf inserts, pull-out racks and spring-loaded shelves and rotating storage are just some of the potential accessories you can include. These will help you to store twice as much in your cupboards by utilising the maximum space available.


Although a lack of storage is a common issue faced by many busy families, it is a problem that has many solutions. A kitchen is used as a multifunctional space and it is probably the most important room in the home. This means that the need for good storage here may be more of a necessity than in any other room off your house. By discussing what you hope to achieve with a professional and carefully designing the kitchen to suit the needs of your family, storage can easily be incorporated into your kitchen to make effective use of the maximum space available.


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