The evolution of kitchen design


Although they have changed and evolved much over the years, the kitchen is still the focal point of any home. The kitchens of the past were once the domain of servants, but since they have become a family domain, they were removed from the back of the house and instead adjoined with the home’s main dining space, thereby making the kitchen one of the most used rooms in any home.

As kitchens became models for independent living, they became highly practical and open plan, allowing for living and dining areas to become one space. As a result, from the 1940s the kitchen was opened up to the home completely, and the open plan design still informs the design of many modern home thanks to both its efficiency and its lower construction costs. 

By bringing the kitchen into the rest of the home, the stigma of cooking as a domestic chore for women faded, and the kitchen became a place for the entire family. Food preparation took on a new meaning, and with American TV cooking shows of the ‘60s, food culture and cooking became something of an art form. As a result, the modern kitchen now boasts more new utensils, pans and ingredients than ever before, and people are spending more and more time in their kitchens.

These modern habits have not only driven changes in kitchen design, but also in the design of kitchen appliances. Blenders, toasters and microwaves entered the kitchen in the 1940s, and by the 1980s, the perfection of the extractor hood allowed kitchens to be connected with living spaces.

Due to this, the traditional ‘work triangle’ of the kitchen (the movement between the oven, fridge and sink) had to be revaluated as our kitchens grew ever larger and held more people than ever before. As a result, the modern kitchen is something of a technological powerhouse which allows us to be creative with food and gather with our family.

In setting up this wholesome family space, many current design trends have been influenced by the kitchens of yesteryear, combining SMEG fridges and retro radios with sleek contemporary designs and cutting edge technology. This fascinating throwback to vintage trends united with up-to-date technology and interior design have led the modern kitchen to become a fascinating fusion of a domestic family room and a chef’s kitchen.

As the focal point of the home, kitchen design is now perhaps one of the most important designs in a new home. Customers now want kitchens that not only reflect their needs, but also their personality. Consumers can expect kitchen companies to provide a complete package, advising them on a range of products such as wallpaper, colour combinations, lighting, textures and how all of this will influence the atmosphere of their home.

The modern kitchen has become a place for both family and friends, a place to gather, to experiment and to break bread. No other room in the home is as multifunctional. As a result, many customers want to use this room in more innovative ways, from displaying their finest crockery with LED spotlights, to using coloured LED lights for plinths in order to add interest to the room. All in all, the significance of the kitchen has only continued to grow as it has evolved to meet our needs.

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