Three Top Tips for Designing your Kitchen

Three Top Tips for Designing your Kitchen


Designing your very own dream kitchen is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work! Careful planning and consideration must be taken to ensure that the end result is exactly what you wanted it to be.


Here at Mulberry Kitchen Design, we are always thinking ahead! No matter what your plans may be, it’s vital that you put function first. There’s no point in spending thousands of pounds on a luxury kitchen if the design isn't right from the start, so check out our top tips to ensure that your kitchen planning is a dream from start to finish.


Tip #1: The golden triangle


You may have heard of the golden triangle – the number one rule in kitchen design. The golden triangle consists of the cooker, sink and fridge, and how they should be positioned for ultimate ease of movement between each appliance and the overall flow of the room.


Getting this right may sound basic, but it is key to your overall enjoyment of your kitchen. Here at MKD, we even think about where you might unload your shopping! We incorporate the golden triangle rule into the design of all our kitchens to ensure you have the best possible workspace.


Regardless of your kitchen layout the golden triangle is a top tip that must be followed. Use it to help you think about how you will actually use your kitchen. Keep dishwashers near sink, and try to keep a bin within easy reach of dishwasher to ensure you can dispose of food from plates whilst loading it.


Food preparation areas as well as the hob and oven should be located close to your utensil storage, while having pot and pans within easy reach. This all utilises the space you have, by keeping the most used areas in close proximity to each other.


Tip #2: Ultimate kitchen storage


Our next top tip concerns storage. It may seem obvious, but so many kitchen plans fall through due to lack of adequate storage space, as it’s one of the stages many designers fail to identify.


Here at MKD, we carefully talk through your need and every detail is discussed – from how many gadgets you have to what kind of cook you are. Maybe you need extra storage space for herbs and large pots! Perhaps you need deeper drawers for larger utensils, or taller units for all your crockery? The kind of storage you’ll need depends on how you plan to use your kitchen.


Surface spaces within the kitchen are often underestimated too, and we believe there is no such thing as too much workspace in a kitchen! By choosing a surface that's easy to work on and care for, you can spend more time entertaining and enjoying your new kitchen rather than cleaning it!


Tip #3: Plan for waste disposal


Don't forget to plan for waste! It can be easy to forget about, but built-in bins and waste disposals are a great addition and cut down on food waste going in your bin!


As well as this, planning for extraction early on is equally important, as lingering smells are a common problem within the kitchen and can be even more troublesome if you choose an open plan design. A ducted hood removes air to the exterior, rather than a recirculating hood, which instead uses filters to purify the air, and expels it back into the room. This is often the best choice if possible for an open plan kitchen.


Often opting for a model with an intensive power setting can do the trick, as this is designed to eliminate odours quickly and can be sufficient for small/medium-sized kitchens.


At the same time, consider your cooker design, as your hood should be the right size for your hob! It’s recommended to install a hood the width of your chosen hob, and even wider for induction hobs as the vapour dissipates outwards. Gas vapours rise vertically so a hood that is the same size as hob should suffice in such cases.


Overall, every detail is important when it comes to kitchen design. From the position of your appliances right down to your chosen furniture and lighting styles, MKD will take you through each step to make for a happier and more organised kitchen and home.