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Painted Collection

There is more than 24 colour options for our Painted Collection and if thats not enough give us the colour and we will match it for you.

Mornington Beaded

This Ash door features a elegant quarter round bead, offering an extra level of detail to create a timeless look. The standalone dresser, shown here, helps to maintain an open feel, whilst offering a practical but elegant storage solution. It provides the base with which to experiment with striking surroundings, such as Herringbone flooring and ornate wall panelling.

Mornington Shaker Slate & Partridge Grey

An Ash grain texture adds interest to the painted finish of this classic shaker style kitchen. The U shaped layout is highly efficient and lends itself to a very practical workspace. With a simple frame, and distinctive handles, this look blends both the modern and traditional aesthetics perfectly. A landscape inspired colour palette can help create a classic kitchen feel.

Mornington Beeded Pimento, Stone & Porcelain

A calming palette of natural hues provides a perfect canvas to experiment with pops of colour, making a striking statement in any classic or modern setting.

Mornington Shaker Ives Blue & Inkwell

A timeless classic kitchen, ready and waiting to be made your own. With a distinctive ash-grain, our Mornington Shaker is shown here in a calming palette of blues to create a relaxing kitchen environment.

Milton Parchment White & Charcoal

Set in a solid Ash frame, Milton's simple Shaker-inspired door has a classic in-frame design which lends streamlined sophistication to any contemporary or period kitchen.

Milton Chalk & Oak

The crisp simplicity of chalk creates a classic kitchen. Its cool clean tones suits unfussy lines and a discerning eye.

Milton Stone & Suede

The main feature of this kitchen is the island, designed for both food preparation and dining. The mix of white quartz and Oak worktops introduces freshness and warmth into the design with the combination of stone and darker suede doors providing a subtle contrast.

Langton Seal Grey & Pewter

Thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship serve to enhance Langton's luxurious appeal, with signature feature pieces creating a kitchen that is classic yet still contemporary and young.

Langton Bone & Slate

Make a statement in the heart of your home. Smart styling, excellent quality and a timeless feel ensure that the Langton not only has stand out style but will also endure the test of time.

In-frame Shaker 1909

This is a kitchen designed to work hard - yet it has all the good looks and smart storage needed to create a space for entertaining, which is beautifal, decorative and easy to maintain.The pantry has an independent, free-standing look. Adding to the bespoke feel are quadrant curves, softening the overall effect and providing generous corner storage. The pilasters have been pulled forward to add detail to the cornices, worktops and plinths.

Quarter Round 1909

Simple and functional, a compact design in which space has been carefully considered without compromising on looks or practicality. The Morris blue is inspired by eighteen and nineteenth-century colour palettes; contributing to the light and airy feel are wall cupboards which feature mirrored backs and are painted an off-white to co-ordinate with the tiles, walls and sink.

Half Pencil & Scalloped 1909

This supremely practical design keeps everything within reach, thanks to the choice of hidden and open storage options as well as a central island featuring plenty of preparation space. Colours here range from bold and confident Charcoal through to soft Partridge Grey to Chalk, with natural wood tones in the birch and maple worktops.

Eden Painted

With a nod to the Edwardian era, Eden offers a solid oak, unpretentious design offset by moulded detailing. It's a distinctive look capible of adapting well to modern interiors or period chic, This softest of greys is usually associated with heritage decor, but it also translates effortlessly and very agreeably to a more contemporary setting.

Broadoak Painted

Luscious, fruity cranberry never lacks confidence. A pleasure to live with, this shade will always look and feel welcoming and cosy - whatever the weather outside. Use linen as a gorgeous neutral on it's own to create an elegant and restful kitchen, or mix it effortlessly with other, more dominant shades.

Milton Ivory

Understated Ivory may be a neutral, but it has real warmth. Solid Oak dovetail drawers are the perfect compliment to a classic kitchen.

Cornell Painted

Cornell's enduring simplicity is offset by an elegantly styled timber doors and a hint of discreet detail. It's striking good looks make it ideally suited to a more formal period interior.

Langham Painted

Langham's timeless design with wide rails has an honest and enduring style. The blend of alabaster and sage, whilst a subtle tonal contrast, is nonetheless a pleasing one. For a more rustic feel combine with pewter or timber handles.

Coleridge Painted

Coleridge's wide rails and grain detailing give this kitchen a sense of solidity. This design features a split-level worktop with a mix of granite and solid timber


The bold shaker design of Erin is well suited to a painted finish; it's deep angled inside profile and wide framing provide great definition. Mix and match drawer and door sizes with curves and glass to create stunning painted feature pieces within your kitchen.


A wonderfully relaxed feel thanks to the soft ivory paint finish and appealing styling of Kemble. Modern and bright with beautifully inspiring accessories including curved doors, Kemble affords distinctive styling within your home.


The beautiful classic design of Kinsale splendidly elegant and absolutely on trend in the slate painted finish. Team solid doors and glass feature doors for a lighter look in wall storage. Panelled curved doors add a modern twist to this classic design.

Lansdowne Painted Oak White

This simple shaker style painted door has a whole host of superb design features that will give your kitchen character and enduring appeal. Further accentuate the Oak grain detailing by selecting a painted open unit with a natural oak interior.


With an exclusive collection of fashionable colours to choose from or your own bespoke shade. Your painted kitchen will delight in wonderful originality.Taking inspiration from nature, the rich cream colouring of Hessian is wonderfully versatile and contemporary, working alongside the dramatic tones of American Black Walnut.


The stunning design of the Tetbury demonstrates how a delicate colour palette mixed with quality materials and beautiful design produces a spectacular environment. Introduce elegant mullioned glass doors for stylish storage. Mix and match a painted finish with the dramatic beauty of natural oak graining.


Petworth has all the essential ingredients of a designer kitchen, whilst the French Grey finish offers a wonderfully serene setting. An exquisite collection of elegant accessories offer great freedom in design.


Kew is elegant and contemporary with focuative detailing that will give your kitchen timeless appeal. The veals the delicate texture and beautiful wood grain patterning of the solid ash timber framing. The sweeping classic cornice coupled with the shapely curved pilasters are attractive finishing touches creating a premium, polished finish to your kitchen design. Contemporary curved doors present interesting design possibilities.


Exquisite detailing and meticulously designed accessories come together in this sublime kitchen classic. Salcombe's intricate beading detail on both frame and door is stylishly accentuated in the painted finish, delicately revealing the wood grain patterning, so desirable in a kitchen of such splendour.

Hudson Cream

The simple wide frame shaker design of hudson concentrates the eye on the flawless painted cream finish. Apure shaker style, Hudson permits you to add your own personality and design flair to the look of a kitchen