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Here is a selection of some of our previous jobs, some of our products, and tips in your kitchen.

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Kitchen blues

Word has it that the blues are in for 2017 – and no, not the seasonal blues! When we think of blue, most people might associate it with dark, damp and dreary days… cold bathroom tiles and a chill in the air. However, blue is back to show you how it truly can be the warmest colour.


Discover Your Dream Kitchen

When Mr and Mrs Tait moved into their dream home, there was only one thing in their new house that let them down, and that was the drab kitchen. The Taits had very specific ideas about their perfect kitchen, and Mr Tait in particular spent a lot of time researching different kitchen designs until they both settled on one they liked.

Three Top Tips for Designing your Kitchen

Designing your very own dream kitchen is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work! Careful planning and consideration must be taken to ensure that the end result is exactly what you wanted it to be. At Mulberry we have great software to let you visualise how your kitchen will look, as well as this we have 360 degree software which puts you in the middle of your kitchen and lets you have a look about. Have a look below.