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Mulberry Kitchen Design Blog

Here is a selection of some of our previous jobs, some of our products, and tips in your kitchen.


The Perfect Sandwich for #NationalSandwichDay

#NationalSandwichDay has got us wanting to ditch our usual boring lunchtime snack and opt for something a little more exciting, like these mouth-watering egg in a hole bagels with spicy bacon and guacamole.


From a Conservatory to a Kitchen

We took the Kambo's conservatory and transformed it in to their dream kitchen. We also knocked down an existing wall in their original kitchen in to their dining room to create a larger living space for the family - all in just 3 weeks. Find out all of the job details here and more importantly, see the before and after pictures!


Glass Splashbacks - A Great Alternative to Tiles

Whether you are choosing a completely brand new kitchen or revamping an old one on a budget, there inevitably comes a time when you think about what to do with the walls. Typically, there has always been two common options here - paint or tile. However, there is a new kid on the block in the form of glass splashbacks and they could take your kitchen renovation project to an entirely new level.


Mr & Mrs Yardley Kitchen Transformation

Mr & Mrs Yardley moved in to their current home nine years ago and a new kitchen was on the ‘To-Do List’ ever since. The couple had been following Mulberry's progress for a while but after we transformed their next-door neighbour’s kitchen and they got to see our work in the flesh, they contacted us straight away. This blog post details all of the work Mulberry carried out on the Yardley's kitchen from raising the ceiling in order to open up the space to picking the perfect paint, and the all important before and after pictures of the transformation.