Kitchen Cabinets - What to Look For When Choosing Your Units

Style and Substance Together

If you are planning a new kitchen you’re going to want it to look good as well as be practical. Fortunately, there are many kitchen cabinet designs on offer that mean you don’t have to compromise on either requirement. From beautiful glass-fronted cabinets to glossy drawers with in-built cutlery storage, there are many units that offer style and substance rolled into one.

The Hidden Storage Superstar

Kitchen design has really advanced in recent years, with more and more designers thinking outside the box when it comes to storage design. As a result, there are many ingenious storage solutions hiding where you may not expect them. For example, corner carousel units can make maximum use of corner space while ensuring easy access. You’d be amazed at how many pots, pans and large kitchen gadgets can fit into a unit of this design. Overhead storage is also a great way to maximise your storage space and is perfect for those items you don’t use often, but still need easy access to.

Island Cabinet Paradise

Why have a plain old island when you could have an island that offers a wealth of storage space? Many designers will build storage solutions into your island so that it offers so much more than just a breakfast bar or additional worktop. Or you can choose to have your appliances built into your island and reserve your entire kitchen area for storage space. Thanks to modern design and the sheer choice of storage options available, you can have it your way.

Designed With Life In Mind

The kitchen is where it all happens, whether it be cooking, cleaning or homework. Choosing the right kitchen units will ensure you have everything to hand when and where you need it. Speak to our team today to find out more about our kitchen design services and how we can help you to make use of your kitchen space.