Galley Kitchens - Ideas For Small And Narrow Spaces

The Working Triangle

If you are lucky enough to have a galley kitchen with a parallel row of units, otherwise known as a double galley, you can introduce what is known as the working triangle. The working triangle involves arranging the zones you use the most - sink, fridge and cooker - into a convenient triangle formation in your double galley so that you can easily flit from one to the other.

Keep It Simple And Streamlined

When you’re moving through and around your galley kitchen, the last thing you want is to run into obtrusive handles. Instead, choose glossy kitchen cabinets that give the illusion of more space and that have no handles. These cabinets simply have a small lip on top that you can use to open each door with ease. Choose integrated appliances where possible and keep your worktops free from clutter.

Create An Uninterrupted Flow

In addition to choosing streamlined units, you should also consider the direction in which handles and flooring flows. By keeping everything moving in the same direction - horizontal handles and tiles or wooden flooring panels, for example - it can draw the eye down the kitchen and make it seem longer and larger than it actually is. It looks great too!

Go All White To Open Up The Space

Whether you are going for a new kitchen or simply want a way to make the space seem larger, white can be a great friend. White, especially if you choose glossy cabinets, reflects light off of every surface and can make such a difference compared to darker colours. If you cannot afford to refit your kitchen just now, consider new cabinet doors, or painting your existing ones. Whatever the size or shape of your kitchen, we excel in helping you to get the most from your space. Speak to us today to find out more about our kitchen designs and to arrange a free design consultation. We would be delighted to help you transform your galley kitchen.