Why choose an American Fridge/Freezer

If you are looking for new appliances for your kitchen, you will need to consider several different factors. These include their practicality to suit your needs, visual appeal, how they contribute to  the theme of your room and what features each item has to offer. An essential kitchen appliance is the fridge freezer and there are lots of different styles to consider. One option is an American style fridge freezer and there are many benefits to choosing these.


A Stylish Focal Point


One of the first things that draw people to American style fridge freezers is that they are visually appealing. In a modern kitchen, they stand out against identical units and create a focal point in the room. They are ideal for both contemporary kitchens or those with a retro vibe. There are many different colours and finishes to choose from, so you can complement the look you are trying to achieve and coordinate with the overall colour scheme or theme in your kitchen.


Greater Storage


Opting for an in-built fridge freezer means that you may find the storage is limited. American style fridge freezers, on the other hand, are larger and offer a much better storage solution for both fresh and frozen food. If you like to do a big shop each month or cook meals in advance, then you may find that this style of fridge freezer is much better suited to your lifestyle. American style fridge freezers boast a range of adjustable shelves, so you can adapt the interior of your fridge freezer to suit your needs.


The High-Tech Option


If you enjoy gadgets and prefer high-tech appliances, then an American fridge freezer would suit you. They usually have many more features than a regular fridge freezer. Digital displays, ice dispensers, adjustable temperature zones, rapid chill and temperature alarms are just some of the features you might find on this style of fridge freezer. The main benefit of these gadgets is that foods are stored at the best temperature and your food will be fresher for longer.


Plumbed and Non-Plumbed


The high-end models often have an in-built water dispenser and you have the option to choose plumbed or non-plumbed models. If you are redesigning your whole kitchen, then you should consider opting for the plumbed option, as these use water from the main water supply and are more practical in the long-term. If you are only updating the one appliance, then you might find it more convenient to choose a non-plumbed variety, as it is much easier to install this type of fridge freezer.


American style fridge freezers are an option that you should consider, regardless of whether you are just replacing one appliance or you are having your entire kitchen redesigned. Not only are they an interesting and stylish focal point in your kitchen, they are also a practical choice for storage. With so much choice available in this style of fridge freezer, there will be the perfect one to suit your everyday needs and contribute to a stunning kitchen.


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