Metallic Kitchen Designs

With the Commonwealth Games just behind us, those gold, silver and bronze medals got the team at Mulberry Kitchen Design thinking about beautiful uses for metal in the kitchen. 

Whether you favour a luxurious contemporary kitchen or a vintage style, there’s always room for a metallic gleam.Thankfully, metal goes with almost any décor, and the reflective qualities of metal enhance your kitchen’s lighting. 

Best of all, metal also tends to be more affordable than other solid surfaces, so you have nothing to lose!


Metallic splashback tiles

Simple but elegant, metallic tiles in the kitchen are the perfect way of introducing a shimmering edge without going overboard. Golden or bronze tones can really warm up a space and compliment the colours of the kitchen, whereas silver or chrome tones work well with most standard appliances. Metal tiles are easy to come by and instantly update your kitchen, whether you choose to make one statement splashback or create a gleaming tiled background for your kitchen units.


Metallic surface paint

Metallic surface paint is fun to use, and is a fantastic way of updating your kitchen quickly and easily. The trick is to choose a focal point for your paint, as too much will take away from the overall impact. Painting a kitchen beam or worktop surfaces in a metallic paint adds a touch of drama while allowing your kitchen to retain its personality.


Metallic units

If you want your kitchen to look professional, sleek and shiny, then metallic units may be your perfect choice. Opt for shimmering stainless steel cabinets and soon your kitchen will be worthy of any chef. Metallic kitchens are favoured by chefs as they are sanitary and generally maintenance free, but as metallic designs are also incredibly sleek and stylish, metal is no longer relegated to industrial and commercial kitchens.


Metallic fittings

If you have a more traditional kitchen but you still yearn for the shimmer of metal, then metallic fittings are your best bet. Shiny light switches, gleaming chandeliers and antique brass all sit well within a traditional kitchen while giving you the look you were hoping for.


Metallic furniture

If you’re interested in the metallic look but would rather not change your kitchen, you can easily introduce metallic tones with furniture. Metal tables and chairs come in a wide range of contemporary styles and shapes, and you can opt for wooden or glass table tops if all-over metal is too much for you.


Metallic tones in the kitchen are an excellent way to add interest to your current design or a fun way to update an old one. Why not take some inspiration from the Games and add a little gold, silver or bronze to your life?