Choosing mistral worktops

When it comes to choosing your kitchen worktops, the decision is much more important than you may have initially realised. Worktops can change the entire look of your kitchen, making it sleek and modern or rustic and pastoral. Whatever look you want for your kitchen, careful consideration of your kitchen worktops is a must for creating the look you want.  Why choose mistral worktops? Mistral kitchen worktops are a perfect choice if you want a sleek and streamlined look to your kitchen. Available in many different colours and finishes, Mistral worktops can help you create whatever look you want, from sharp and modern lines and cuts to a relaxed and traditional country-style kitchen. Whatever your dream kitchen may be, a Mistral worktop can help pull it altogether.  Mistral worktops are made from an acrylic-based resin, and as a result they are perfect for creating the look of Corrian while being far less expensive, yet they are a sturdier alternative to standard laminate. Mistral worktops are ideal for giving an expensive and solid look to your whole kitchen as they can mimic natural stone perfectly. However, unlike natural materials, Mistral surfaces are non-porous, which makes them much more hygienic. The worktops do not warp or swell when made wet, so they also last longer.  As well as this, Mistral worktops are solid all the way through, which allows them to be cut into unusual shapes – perfect if you have an unusually shaped kitchen or if you want to create an interesting design. This also removes the need for end-capping – keeping your kitchen looking sleek and sophisticated.

Caring for mistral worktops

Mistral worktops do require a little care and attention to keep them looking good. Avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on the surface as mistral worktops can be scorched, and use a cutting board rather than cutting directly on the surface.  Mistral is easy to install, as it is so malleable and easy to work with, no it really doesn’t matter what shape or size your kitchen may be. It is easier to work with than solid stone and yet offers a very similar look and feel, making it ideal for anyone who loves the natural look but would rather not have to pay such high prices.  Overall, a Mistral worktop can be the perfect choice for anyone who wants something more solid and reliable than laminate but who may find that natural substances do not suit their kitchen or budget. Mistral, due to its easy installation, easy aftercare and hygienic properties makes it especially appealing for anyone with small children or pets.