We’ve got a Burning Question; ‘Wood Burners – Would You Have One In Your Kitchen?’

You don’t need us to tell you that winter is fast approaching. With the turn in the weather and people starting to speak about Christmas *shudders* we are all well and truly aware that summer has slowly slipped from our grasp. So, in order to get maximum enjoyment from your winter evenings and your new kitchen alike, why not opt for an elegant wood burner.

A log burner adds style, tranquillity and warmth. Close your eyes and imagine standing in your new kitchen listening to the crackle of burning logs on a cold winters evening – now, that sounds like bliss to us.

Whether you desire a traditional farmhouse style kitchen or a minimalistic modern kitchen, there’s a burner out there to suit you. Just take a look at our inspiration below.


Go For Glass

If you want to maintain a sense of modernity with your log burner we suggest opting for a glass base, as pictured here. The glass compliments the burner and it’s surrounding, being careful not to distract attention away from the burner itself, all whilst maintaining a soft and subtle modern look.


Placement is Everything

Position your log burner close to a patio door or large window to create additional warmth in your kitchen. Not only should this counteract any drafts leaking in but also enhance the overall ambiance of your kitchen. Picture the rain relentlessly striking your window and your log burner smouldering away in the background.


Pop of Colour

As well as thinking about the burner itself. It’s also important to consider its background. Make a true feature of your log burner by cleverly framing it with tiling. Go understated by using contrasting textures in harmonious colours or go bold with an all-out pop of colour.



If it’s ultra-modern you’re looking for then why not go for a suspended wood burner. With its futuristic, sci-fi-like guise you’ll be sure that this style of burner will compliment even the most modern of kitchens.